Technics SA-200 Stereo Receiver Stealth HTPC

The main goal with this build was to create a low power consuming piece of classic furniture that will keep my entertainment system looking clean and tasteful. It involved a lot of hacking, sawing, desoldering, curse words and beer. We both made it out the other side lookin' fine.

The rear is a nightmare to look at, but the main show is the front casing with the brushed aluminum, working power and "HDD" lights (I'm using the FM signal led for this). The power switch had to be installed upside down since I didn't want the hassle of hacking a momentary switch. I had to make decisions on the fly to complete the build in a unique case such as mounting the hard drives vertically and replacing the original bulb lighting with a low power LED strip.

I'd like to get an Arduino to make the knobs, switches, and FM quality gauge functional but as it is today I'm pretty dang impressed with it :)

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