Method week.

2017 brought large changes at Funsize. One of the notable changes was eliminating our notorious "Funsize Fridays". I played a large role in killing what most perceived as a beautiful thing, but with good reason. Saying goodbye to Fridays was tough but I'm confident Method Week will be more successful.

Before Method Week, Johnnie Hamn and myself developed a program to build collaboration on Fridays. We made future-thinking design problems to motivate and push designers. Solving problems like the consumer Hyperloop experience and hacking hardware. It was very challenging to rally the same folks every Friday for two months.

Fridays were open to whatever a designer wanted to do but the trend looked like an intense morning, two-hour long lunch and afternoon lull. It's pretty damn hard to do any meaningful after stuffing your face and day drinking (speaking for myself, of course..).

Method week was born out of two needs: make more money with clients and increase collaboration.

Here's the official take on Method week. We're still learning and tweaking the overall experience and it's safe to say everyone at the studio is loving it.