Lust for land.

This weekend my 1983 KZ550 and I undertook a quest to find a mythical plot of land in Bastrop I heard about from a friend. Bastrop experienced a hellish wildfire a few years back (34,00 acres) and lots of charred remains are on sale for peanuts. I adorned my road-warrior motorcycle gear and set out, hoping to find a little piece of investment property I could call my own.

Let’s just say the property was a bit of a letdown. Thankfully, the good folks in Bastrop took to the plot as a dumping group for deceased relatives furniture that didn’t make it out the estate sale. The drainage ditch splitting the property didn’t inspire much confidence either.

All was not lost. If you haven’t jumped on a motorcycle and ridden at a legal 85mph on Highway 130, I highly recommend it. Central Texas is beautiful as it gets, and not just for the sights.

If there is a god of olfaction, she lives in central Texas.

Highway 130 and Interstate 71 emits fragrances one could only call divine (unless you’re afflicted by veganism). In stark contrast to any downtown area where the scent changes between every few steps, typically from tasty Asian noodle bar to “is that human feces?”, rural central Texas smells strongly of BBQ. This doesn’t happen once or twice, but the entire ride was a blur of homemade jerky stands, candied pecans roasting in the back of someone’s pickup, and the oil drum BBQ pits with dense, delicious smoke billowing out of their pipes from bits of animal fat dripping onto the hot Texas cedar.

You can’t live this experience inside a car, even with the windows down. If you’re ever in the mood to take a ride with me to Bastrop or Lockhart for prime smells, I’m game. There’s also delicious BBQ at the end and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.